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Card counting in Blackjack

In order to play the popular game of blackjack successfully, knowing the card counting techniques is very important. Card counting is a kind of mathematical system with which the players can keep track of the different cards in order to know which are still there in the deck. Knowing the card counting system in details is very important before applying it in the actual games. By tracking the cards the players can adjust his betting patterns accordingly.

Usually the different card counting systems begins on the count of “zero”, i.e., when the player starts playing; the count will be “zero”. There are different kinds of card counting systems which the player can opt for; the players will not only have to keep a track of the cards which are being dealt but also which card is dealt to which player and dealer. In a card counting system, the player mostly looks for positive counts. Positive counts indicate that more number of smaller cards has been played and that the deck is left with more number of large cards.

When the deck has more number of large cards, it is very advantageous to the players as it means there are greater possibility of the dealer busting more often, the player have greater possibilities of being dealt a blackjack along with being dealt higher and stronger starting hands. The player can bet large amount of money when there is a high card count. Even when the player is betting and winning large amount, it does not mean an end to card counting.

In order to become a skilled card counter, the player needs to have a lot of patience and practice; sometimes it can take up to several months or a year to master the technique of card counting. What every player needs to know is that it is not mandatory to play blackjack in order to practice the techniques; the card counting techniques can be practiced in other games also. One of the effective ways to practice is with the help of a practice counting chart. Players can create a small chart and carry it with them so that they can practice whenever they can.

There are several card counting techniques which the players can use, however, it is advisable that beginners learn the most basic system, i.e. the “Hi-Lo count” or “KO count” thoroughly before advancing to the other more complex systems. Compared to the simple systems the advantages of the complex systems are slightly more.

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