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Etiquettes you should follow while playing casino blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games of all times. It is found in all the casinos, both online and land based ones. When playing blackjack in the online casinos you are playing from the comforts of your own home. You do not need to go into an actual live casino and deal with other people. But if you want to enjoy a game of blackjack at any land based casino, there are certain etiquettes and protocols you should follow.

First and foremost when you come to a blackjack table take out the money that you want to play with; it has to be converted into chips. You might have to wait for sometime because the dealer might not convert your money into chips until the ongoing round is over. So be patient and wait for your turn.

Another very important rule that all players should remember is that after you have made your bets you should not touch your chips. A player can get thrown out of a game for violating this rule. It is so because the floor workers can assume you are using unfair means. Also remember to keep your cards in such a way so that the dealer can see them all the time.

When the cards have been dealt faced down, the players should slide the cards towards themselves if they want to hit; the cards should be slowly placed under the chips without disturbing the chips, if the players want to stand pat. Incase a player wants to split a pair then the cards should be turned over and a bet equal to the original bet should be placed on the split hand.

Incase of an insurance bet, the player has to place half of the original wager above the cards in the special area which is marked ‘insurance pays 2:1’. Incase you are dealt a blackjack then turn it immediately so that you can be paid and the cards can be removed.

It is considered polite to tip the dealer at the end of the game. One of the ways to do so is by placing a bet for him in the insurance box or in the betting box. If you want a drink during the game do not get up and make the other players wait for you. Simply ask for a waiter to be sent at the table so as to order the drink.

These are some of the protocols that should be followed by all players when playing in a land-based casino.

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