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Famous Blackjack Personalities

Blackjack is a very interesting game. Though it may seem a bit complicated at first, once you know the rules and get accustomed to the game, it is very exciting and thrilling. Since the time of its origin in the 1700s in France, the game has managed to build up a reputation for itself. In blackjack if proper strategies and mathematical formulas are applied properly, the game can generate impressive outcomes. There have been several players throughout the history of blackjack who have managed to defeat the house.

One of the most well known players in the world of blackjack is Peter Griffin. He was a mathematician who with his knowledge of numbers attempted to understand the patterns in a blackjack table. One of the earliest and most famous books on blackjack was written by him in 1978. In his book, The Theory of Blackjack, he help the players understand the explanations behind the different card counting strategies.

Another known mathematician who was also a great gambler was Larry Revere. Before taking up professional gambling and attempting to beat the blackjack strategies, he worked as a supervisor in casino pit. He was known for developing several card counting strategies which can be found in his book Playing Blackjack as Business. Larry Revere also helped the casinos in the sense that he sold his card counting knowledge to the different casino owners and executives, thus aiding them in identifying those players who would use the systems to defeat the casinos.

One of the most well known professional blackjack players and card counter in the present days is James Grosjean. He was an economics student who turned to gambling professionally. In 2005, he rose to fame because of the famous cases involving him and two well known casinos in Las Vegas – the Caesars Palace and Imperial Palace, where the casinos were accused of illegal investigation and maltreatment. James won the cases and thus was able to defend his card counting techniques. He also got more than half a million dollars as punitive damages. James also competed in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and continued his career as a famed blackjack player.

These are only a few names amongst so many great blackjack players. In the coming years many more names will be added to the Blackjack Hall of Fame. These players have been able to beat the casinos because of their dedication, intelligence, patience and practice. In many of their books, the players have explained the strategies that were used by them to beat the casinos.

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