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Casino blackjack winning strategies

Playing Blackjack is more popular among the casino lovers because of the fact that Blackjack offers higher winning odds than at the slots. Expert tips and winning strategies are sure to help the players win huge amounts in online casino Blackjack games.

Be extremely good in Math especially the calculations. A game of blackjack is all about mathematic calculations and holds no place for wild guesses. Practice card counting. Try to make all the calculations within a fraction of the seconds. Though card counting is a strict no no in many casinos, the expert card counters are often the ones who stand a chance of winning it big.

Before you start winning, set you limit for losing. In case you find that you are nearing your losing amount and are on the verge of exceeding the same, stop your game then and there and come back the next day.

It is usually advisable to start your casino Blackjack game by betting low amounts. The strategy involves betting low initially and focuses on preserving your bankroll until some of your competitors get crashed out leaving it upon you to place large bets in the final rounds.

But if you find that even the other competitors are following this style of betting low and preserving the bankroll, then it is preferred that you place a large bet in the early rounds of the game itself.

In a game of Blackjack, all the competitors are competing against the same person i.e. the dealer. That means on any given hand all the competitors will be suffering from the same outcome. Therefore the only trick lies in the fact that in order to win the hand, one has to play to his or her cards wisely.

Always remember not to split the tens. If you want to go for the split, then always go for aces, sixes, sevens and eights You can go for the hit in case your hand consists of the value nine or lower than that. You can also go for the hit if your hand consists of a value between ten and sixteen but then the dealer must have a hand of value seven or higher.

Go for double down bets in case you contain a hand of ten or eleven while the dealer has a hand of any value ranging from four to six. Opt for surrendering in case you see that the dealer contains a stronger hand than the hand that you possess.

These simple winning strategies would make sure that you have an edge over your other competitors and win theĀ casino Blackjack game.

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