Though not as popular as some of the other casino games, craps is an interesting game to play. The big prizes offered by craps makes it more interesting and attractive. Craps games are fun and exciting. With the coming of the online casinos, again slowly people are starting to play this game. According to many, craps had its origin in Egypt during 600 B.C. craps is basically a simple game to play with rules that can be easily understood. This article will discuss some of the basics of playing craps.

Usually you will find that the craps tables have double layouts with a boxman to supervise the games and a stickman who gives the dice to the players. It is the stickman who controls the speed of the whole game and also announces the results.

In a game of craps, the ‘puck’ is placed on the table. It is a sign of whether a game is going on or about to start; if the white side of the puck is up, it indicates that a game is going on; on the other hand the black side indicates that a game has not started. In this game, you can see many people at a table; but actually there is only a single player, he is known as the ‘shooter’. The other people are called the ‘betters’ who bets on the shooter’s actions.

The shooter first rolls the dice, known as ‘come out roll’, and starts the game. If the result of this rolling is either 11 or a 7, in that case, the shooter will win the game instantly and will roll the dice once more. On the other hand if the outcomes of the roll are 2, 3 or 12, the shooter will lose the game. This kind of a situation is known as ‘craps’. However, in this case too the shooter will again get a chance to roll the dice.

The actual game begins when the results are neither 11 and 7 or 12, 3 and 2. In this kind of a situation, the puck is kept with the white side up, indicating that the game has started. The shooter then places the puck on that number which was the result of rolling the dice. For instance, if the outcome of rolling the dice was 6, then the shooter will place it on the corresponding square. Now, 6 will be referred to as the ‘point’.

So the next time you go to a casino, definitely give craps game a try.