The Origin of Craps

Craps is an interesting game and is found in almost all the casinos. The game has a very debatable history and there are several versions of how the game actually originated. According to most people the game had been influenced by a very old game called ‘Hazard’. However, most people are not sure about when the games exactly originated. It is believed that Hazard was created in England by Sir William. The name of the game was inspired by some Arabic word. It is because of this many believe that the actual roots of Hazard lay in the Arab countries.

When the people began to play Hazard in France, it game came to be known as craps. It was so because according to the rules of the game, in a particular move, two was the losing number; this move came to be known as crabs and thus the name got stuck. Over the passage of time, craps began to spread in the United States of America. The early games of craps were not like the games that are played in the modern times. John H. Winn introduced important changes and modifies the game.

During that time, craps had become an important part of the American culture. People played it with vigor both in the casinos as well as in the street corners. During that time, many believed that the people did not want to spend too much time strategizing and thinking; they wanted a simple game which would be easy to win. However, soon other interesting casino games like blackjack came up which led to the fall of craps. Though some of the casinos in Las Vegas experimented with innovative versions of the game, they failed to capture the imagination of the players.

The main reason behind the downfall of craps was that the game failed to interest the players anymore. In a game of craps, the whole exciting atmosphere when playing the game was very important and as more and more players began to opt out, the tables did not get filled up. The different casinos saw that the game was not offering any profit and soon stopped offering the game any longer. However, in the present times with the coming of the online casinos, the future of craps is looking brighter. The online casinos have made the games easily accessible; as a result slowly people are again beginning to play the game. Hopefully someday craps will again become as popular as it used to be once.

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