Keno is originally a Chinese game which was brought to the United States by the Chinese immigrants during the 1800s. In the present day it is one of the most popular casino games and most of the online casinos offer this game to the players. The rules of keno are simple and easy to understand.


It is based on luck and the rules are similar to that of bingo and lottery. 80 numbers are given to the players and they have to choose some numbers out of them. In most casinos an individual player is allowed to choose up to 10 numbers maximum but certain casinos allow the players to select up to 20 numbers. The name of the game depends on how many numbers the players are choosing, for example, if the players choose 7 spots it is known as 7-spot keno.

After the number selection is done the computer selects 20 random numbers and if any player’s number matches with the chosen numbers then that player wins. These successful numbers are called ‘hits’. The winning amount depends on the bets that have been placed and also on how many numbers of a player has matched with the chosen ones.

Sometimes special tickets like the ‘quick pick ticket’, ‘all catch ticket’, ‘power play 20 ticket’ and the ‘all or nothing ticket’ are offered to the players by certain casinos. According to the experienced players it is best if a player chooses 7 to 12 spots as then chances of winning goes up.

Many people prefer playing keno online because of the several associated advantages. Firstly you do not need to go anywhere thus saving both money and time which would have been spent on traveling. You can play online keno anytime you want and from anywhere.

There are many online casinos which allow the players to enjoy the game for free unlike in actual casinos. This allow the beginners to get accustomed to the game before the start investing money in it and also give those people who cannot afford to spend money on the games a chance to enjoy the excitement and thrills of gambling.

In order to attract more players all the online casinos give huge bonuses and offers to their members thus giving the people a chance to win large amount of money. Some casinos also introduce new varieties of keno from time to time to keep the players interested and excited.