How to Play Keno

Out of the numerous games that are offered by the different casinos, Keno is considered to be one of the easiest games in gambling. Most of the casinos offer this game as it is very popular with the players. Keno originally came from China; it was the Chinese immigrants who brought the game to the United States during the 1800s. Because of its simplicity and easy rules it instantly became a hit among the people. The rules of the game are pretty similar to lottery and bingo.

There are 80 numbers which are given and each player has to select some numbers. A single player can usually select up to 10 numbers however, in some places the players are allowed to select up to 20 numbers. Some experts believe it is best to choose between 7 and 11 numbers as it increases the chances of winning. The games are named depending on how many spots the players are choosing, i.e. if a player selects 5 numbers then the game will be called 5-spot keno.

After all the numbers have been selected, the computer randomly selects 20 numbers. If a player’s number matches with the numbers selected by the machine then the player wins. All the prizes and payouts are determined on the basis of the bets that have been placed and how many numbers each player has chosen and matched. The successful numbers are known as ‘hits’. People usually believe that the chances of hits go up if a player chooses more numbers.

Apart from the regular tickets, some casinos also offer special tickets to the players like the ‘all catch ticket’, ‘quick pick ticket’, ‘all or nothing special’ and ‘power play twenty tickets’. All these add variety to the game and make it more exciting for the players, thus keeping them interested.

Though it is a simple game its best that you get accustomed to the playing it before betting big amount of money. According to experts it is best for beginners to start small and to choose lesser number of spots because as the number of spots increases, the number of catch also goes up. You can also resort to data analysis to improve the chances of winning. However, for this you need to have access to all the records of winning of a particular place. Thus it needs practice and skill before you can actually make some profits. However, one should remember at the end of the day it is a game of luck.

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