Rules you must know for playing Keno

Keno is originally a Chinese game and was first introduced in the United States during the 18th century by the immigrants. Now it has become an extremely popular game. The rules are easy and simple to understand and similar to that of lottery. Most of the casinos, both online ones and actual ones, offer this game to the players.

One of the reasons behind its popularity is the simple rules. First and foremost you need a keno ticket or a card. On it there are numbers given ranging from 1 to 80. The upper half of the ticket has numbers from 1 to 40 and the lower half consists of the rest of the numbers. From these numbers each player has to select some. Usually most casino gambling sites allow each player to select up to 10 numbers but some allow the players to select up to 20 numbers also and the lowest being 4 numbers. The selections are called ‘spots’. Experts on keno believe that choosing between 7 to 11 numbers increases the chances of winning.

After selecting all the numbers the machine or the computer picks 20 numbers. This selection is on a random basis and if you numbers matches with those selected by the computer then you win. The matching numbers are called ‘hits’. The winning amount will depend on how much you have betted and also how many of the spots have matched. The payouts are usually high but vary among the casinos. This game has a high house edge when compared to the other casino games.

From time to time players get the chance to play with special tickets such as the ‘all or nothing special’, ‘power play 20 tickets’, ‘all catch ticket’ and ‘quick pick ticket’. These help to bring about variations in the games thus, making it more exciting.

However while playing keno you must keep in mind that unlike lottery you have to claim you prize quickly. Usually in most places you have to claim your prize after each game or you can be disqualified. After a game it is advisable to get the winning tickets punched by a punching device so that they can be distinguished from others.

Keno is a simple game based on luck but it is advisable to start small. Beginners must get accustomed to the game and practice the skills well before they start betting big amounts. Detailed data analysis can also improve the chances of winning.

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