The origin of keno

One of the simplest casino games of all time is keno. Though not as popular as some of the other casino games, this luck based game is slowly gaining popularity among the players. One of the reasons why many people love to play this game is because of its simplicity; the rules are simple and the game is easy to learn.

It is believed that keno had its origin in China at around 200 years B.C. It was introduced by a Chinese army leader Cheung Leung; he used this game to collect money in order to support the army. During that time he was fighting a war and soon the army had no supplies. So to support the failing army, the game was created.

Keno was known as ‘White Pigeon Game’. It was so because in the ancient times the people took the help of pigeons to deliver the winning numbers from the cities to the nearby villages. Unlike the modern keno game, in its early days, 120 numbers were used to play keno. The Chinese believed that while playing keno if the player picked equal amount of numbers from the upper half and lower half, it was ‘lucky’ as then a balance was maintained.

During the 19th century many Chinese immigrants came to the United States to work and they brought this game with them. Soon the game began to spread in different parts of the United States. As keno became popular in America, the American numbers replaced the original Chinese characters. Lottery was not legal in Nevada during the 1930s and because of this the name was changed from ‘Chinese Lottery’ to ‘Horse Race Keno’. But soon the name was changed to Keno.

Over the years the game has evolved and changes have been made in way the game is played. In the present time in a keno game there are a total of 80 numbers on the keno card out of which the players can select up to 10 or 20 numbers and place their bets. The game can be found in almost all the land based casinos as well as in the online casinos. In order to make the game interesting several variations of keno have been introduced. Special tickets like the ‘quick pick ticket’, ‘all catch ticket’ and ‘all or noting special’ can be found.

Keno is the perfect game for those who want to spend some relaxing time. It is a simple game and does not need much strategizing and thinking.

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