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PaiGow Poker and Its Online Variant Games

Learn to play paigow poker and its varying versions online for fun. The game of paigow poker combines the domino-dice feature of its Chinese ancestor with the card and playing characteristics of poker.

An interesting variant is the ‘Push’ paigow poker where most rules remain the same as the original paigow poker but with the additional condition that if there is a tie, it’s considered a victory for banker. In other words the concept of tie is missing and the banker doesn’t get 5% as commission on all wins. Once all seven hands are distributed which includes the dragon, four cards remain. In a push, cards of player are compared with of dealer and the higher hand wins. If a tie emerges, joker is taken as ace.

Another version is paigow mania where there are two side bet features. With side betting you get to add extra bet once you open three cards and also once after all cards have been seen.

Fortune paigow poker takes a detour from the original paigow with a distinct lack of requirement for gaming skills. You are dealt the cards and can arrange the hand without splitting the cards into two sets. The game comes with an offer of ‘envy bonus’ that’s paid after higher hands are shown but has a certain limit. A Fortune paigow poker variant includes the progressive jackpot. The jackpot is given when a player carries and shows a straight flush of seven cards. There are only a few such online forms of the game.

Emperor’s challenge as a variant of traditional game of paigow poker maintains the feature of allowing players to place additional bet over higher hand but it also offers the option of placing a proposition wager called the pai-gow Insurance. This lets player hedge the bet and protect against poor hand. As a hybrid, the Bonus paigow poker brings the elements of luck with strategy in a carefully crafted manner. Here you divide seven cards into two sets and pit their value against corresponding hands of dealer with an extra bonus bet on the undivided seven card set. This way you can aim for a bigger payout.