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Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Being derived from the Chinese game of the same name, Pai Gow poker is a slow game offering a longer duration to play for investment unlike other casino card games. It is the ideal game for those who seek to relax and have a drink. This is because in this game, there is no money lost or won and there are several tie hands dealt.

This makes a big difference to those players who want to take the bank. If you take the bank, you will have to replace the house for this particular hand and play against each and every player at the table. You will require covering every bet the other players have put up.

Some basic strategies to implement for increasing your chance of winning in Pai Gow poker are:

If you are consistent in getting good hands, it can be a advantage in your play since there will be higher chances for you to win more hands than lose them. If your opponents are betting more or less similar amounts then it signifies that you can still gain something even if you lose to a few players.

On the other hand, if you are running poorly, you should avoid playing the bank unless your luck transforms. If a significant bettor is going through a patch of bad luck, you could use this chance to cover his/her bet along with that of the table.

Most players get easily tempted to see hands in regular poker terms even for Pai Gow poker. This should be avoided. You must always remember that you will have to win both hands for winning the bet. Hence, you must set the front of your 2-card hand as high as you can and leave an even higher back 5 card-hand.

If you manage to bet on the bonus in this game, you can win up to 8000 times your current stake. This is possible if your 7 cards consist of a bonus hand which is above or straight. There is no doubt that the payouts are considerable but do not really come close to the odds against, hence the house edge remains substantial.

If your hand contains only single cards without any pairs, flushes or even straights, you can still set your second and third highest cards as the front.

Finally, since this game is also a form of gambling, remember that gambling involves taking a lot of risk. If you want to be a successful gambler, you must look for situations where you feel you can have an edge. If you play the banker in Pai Gow poker, you will be able to locate such an edge.

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