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Rules and Strategies to Play PaiGow Poker

Most gaming sites offering casino games have paigow poker for either free or play-for-money gaming. How the online version differs from real casino play is that it doesn’t have six people on the table. Different sites have different ways of conducting the game. You will find a virtual table where you have to click on one out of five chips displayed on corner for betting. Before the game starts the chosen chips can be removed by using the chip-stack option.

When ready for receiving cards, click the deal option. As you select two out of seven cards, you have to choose the split option. All casino sites follow a common way of dealing out the cards, distributed in row. Some online versions may show mock players, others may not. If mock players are present the game software generates and decides on first person to deal cards to and subsequent cards are distributed among players sequentially. The dealer is always placed seventh.

Cards from two to six are low value cards, seven to ten are medium and others are high. For novices, the ‘house-way’ option provides a mock demonstration of how the cards should be arranged, just like dealer would. Remember that dealer has to play by house way which is by default the best way. Knowing this you can deviate accordingly. Not knowing how dealer plans to take up his cards can keep you guessing and making futile attempts by making push attempts that will finally lead to more number of defeats.

House way varies from one casino to another. The screen displays the dealer’s card on top. If dealer has a high first pair and second pair has medium value and if you maintain both pairs at high hand, you may win the first set but are sure to lose lower hand. Usually dealer having two medium or low pairs will split them and place lower value pair on second set, unless there’s a King or higher card.

One high and one low pair will be arranged by lower pair being arranged in set two but not so if dealer has ace or two medium pairs. Other known house-way strategies include moves like straights, flushes, four-of-a-kind, straight flush, five aces, royal flush, etc. Its good strategy to elect being banker when possible which gives advantage of winning over copy hand and deduction of 5% commission after combining loss and winnings.