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An Introduction to Online Roulette

Article by Craig Walkrowin

Roulette as a casino game has been around since 18th century when it was first played in the casinos of Paris. Later it became popular world wide as an attractive casino game. While it came to US, roulette became a part of the great gambling casinos of Las Vegas. More than US it became popular as a form of gambling in Europe. Today it has taken a new turn when it was introduced on the Internet and later online live casino roulette. The concept of online roulette is quite recent going back to about 10 years ago when it was first introduced. Today with much improved software online roulette has become a game which offers same excitement as a live casino does to roulette.

The online casinos use random number generators which makes it a game which is trustworthy enough for the players to invest their money in the game. The fact that many sites offer free roulette games makes it more interesting. In these free rooms players can play with virtual money and play for pure fun. Those who are new to the game can start with free roulette online to learn. Through roulette tutorials in online casinos players learn to place their bets wisely while learning from their mistakes.

There is another aspect to online roulette game. You can select your own casino. While doing so the players get a huge choice of casinos which can never be possible in reality. At a particular place where y there will be a limited number of land based casinos who will be offering the roulette game. So if you are keen to play you have to make your choice from those limited numbers.

Internet offers a vast choice with reviews of the casinos and it is up to the players to select one of them which they can rely upon. The choice of a trustworthy casino online is made easy by the seal of approval put by eCogra and other licensing bodies who make sure that the players are not cheated out of their money.

As for the game itself it is no different than the real game where rules are concerned. The only difference is that while the wheel and the ball is spun by a live croupier in a land casino and chips are placed by hand, online the spin is calculated by random number generator and the chips are placed by the click of a mouse on the virtual chips. The money transaction is done online through credit cards etc.

Online roulette is fun and easy to play as it is available 24 hours on the Internet. If you are careful about your betting it is a perfect way to satisfy your gambling urge.

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