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Roulette History

One of the popular gambling games is roulette. Its popularity is evident by the fact that often in movies it is shown in a very glamorous light. There are different types of roulette like American roulette, European roulette and French roulette, with the French roulette being the ancestor of the European version. It is an extremely fun and exciting game to play. In the present time the online casinos also offer various versions of the game to the players.

It is believed that the origin of roulette was during the 18th century in France. One of the most important elements in roulette, the wheel was invented by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal, when he was working on finding a “perpetual motion machine’. Some people believe that the wheel is supposed to be influenced by different English wheel sports like the ‘roly-poly’, ‘Ace of Hearts’ and the ‘Reiner’ while another group feels that it has been influenced by the various Italian board games like ‘Hoca’ and ‘Birbi’.

In Homburg, two men, Louis Blanc and Francois Blanc first introduced the single ‘0’ method in roulette wheel. This increased the house odds and thus created competition for the conventional roulette game where the wheels had a single zero pocket and a double zero pocket. In some of the earlier American roulette wheels the number were from 1 to 28 and the wheels and a single zero slot, double zero slot along with the American eagle. It was during the 19th century the popularity of roulette increased and the game began to spread all over Europe and America. It became one of the most played games during that time.

During the 1860’s the Blanc family moved the legal casino operations to Monte Carlo and it is here that the single ‘0’ version of roulette gained huge popularity among the people and the classic French roulette flourished. However, the double ‘0’ version still remained popular in the United States and small gambling dens grew up.

In the first half of the 20th century, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo were the two major casino cities where the single zero and the double zero versions of roulette could be played. Gradually more and more casinos came up. In the first half of the 21st century there are over hundreds of casinos in the US only where a game of roulette can be enjoyed. The growth of the online casinos has made the game more accessible.

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