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When you wish to have some amusement and earn some money at the same time, going to some casino can be a good option. There you can have a vast range of choices for play. Some of them include card and table games and roulette and backgammon. However, if you do not have the option of visiting a casino, you can simply play Live Casino TV Roulette on the TV. It does not require you to visit a real casino and you can play the game within the comforts of your home. It is a reality game show that can be watched round the clock. Casino shows with Roulette use a real life actual roulette casino wheel. You will find a wheel, a ball and a croupier on TV similar to any conventional roulette.

The main problem with conventional roulette is that they require you to search a casino that offers such games. This means that you will have to drive to various places or wait for a holiday so that you can visit a casino. One benefit of playing this game on live is its auto spin feature which means that the roulette wheel is continuously moving. Thus you can take sufficient time to make a decision when to play and even when to discontinue.

However, the major distinction between this version and conventional play is that in the case of Casino TV Roulette, it is a casino that operates on television. It uses the wheel system that is European having numbers from 1 to 36 and one 0. The wheel is usually spun by a croupier at a regular interval of 3 minutes. This means that you are required to place your bets within that time period. Casino TV Roulette also permits inside as well as outside bets as in the case of conventional roulette. However, here you might find certain restrictions in terms of betting.

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