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Scratch Cards

Online gaming have changed people’s outlook toward the casinos. Now you can play any casino game you want from the comforts of your home. Several games are available are available on the gaming sites like blackjack, poker, slots etc. Scratch card games have also been introduced online and they are becoming increasingly popular.

Known by various names like scratch offs, scratch tickets, instant win tickets and scratch-and-win, originally scratch cards were small cardboard tokens. They had to be scratched to see what was hidden underneath – it could have been a winning combination or try again. It was a hit among the people because though they were not very costly, the prizes offered were huge. But with the advent of the internet many things have changed.


There are sites where there are many games available which are based on scratch cards. The players have to bet their money and buy a scratch card and if they are lucky they can win prizes. Usually the players have to register themselves to these sites but there are some sites where the players can play for free too. Most of the sites in order to attract players offer bonuses and promotional deals to the players which can be quite advantageous. So it is advisable to look for sites with high promotional offers.

The online sites generally use Flash and Java applications in these games to create the same type of thrill and excitement for the players just like in an actual casino. Usually it is seen that the cards which offer bigger prizes are sold first as people feel that they are more economical because of the promises for bigger rewards. To make the games more interesting and exciting, new features, varieties and complexities have been added.

The game rules are very simple. In order to win, you have to match all the three items on the card. Some of the card feature symbols, numbers, words etc. In the present day the players have the option to choose from among various themes like Sports, TV programs, Celebrities, comics and films etc. The prize amounts vary from game to game.