Different Kinds of Slots Games

The basic type of slots game that is available in all the casinos is the straight slots. It is also one of the most common played types of slots game. In this type though the winning amount is not too big, the players have the maximum chances of winning. Most beginners start playing with this variety of slots as the rules of the game are simple and easy to understand. Straight slots also offer a lot of variety to the players. Many online casinos in order to make the games more interesting have introduced variations and subtypes in straight slots. Among the different subtypes available single line slots is most popular among the players. In this variety there is only one line and usually three reels.

The three reel casino slots is an all time favorite. In this type of slots game if three same characters fall in the same line then the person will be a winner. The five reel slots is a little different and in this type the player can become a winner in five different ways. In this type there is a top, bottom and middle line along with two diagonals. Though in this type of the game the chances of winning goes up but, at the same time, the betting amounts are higher. Before playing it is advisable to go through the different combinations and their payouts.

If you want to win more prizes then you should go for bonus slots. In this type when the player gets the correct combination then a small games starts which is actually the bonus; this gives the player a chance to win more amount. How the bonus will be incorporated in the games differs from one casino to another.

In progressive slots games a part of the money is stored and the amount keeps on building until a player hits the winning combination. So, progressive slots usually offer huge prizes.

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