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How Texas Holdem is played

Texas Holdem poker is possibly the best poker game for beginners. Unlike 7 card or Omaha, you don’t require an advanced understanding of card counting or calculating odds in Holdem.

Texas Holdem is played as described below.

# The players will place blinds for an initial amount to start the game, depending on the betting structure and limit. This is known a posting.

# Then the dealer shuffles a regular deck of fifty two playing cards.

# Two cards are dealt to each player, face down. These are known as your pocket cards or hole cards.

# A round of betting, called preflop, takes place; it starts with the player sitting on the blinds’ left. Like all poker games, the players are allowed to call, or raise, or fold.

# When the betting round is over, the top card from the deck, called a burn card, is discarded by the dealer, to prevent cheating.

# The dealer now flips the next 3 cards on the table, face up. This is known as the flop. These communal cards can be used by anyone to combine with their 2 pocket cards and make a poker hand.

# The player sitting on the dealer’s left then starts one more betting round.

# When the betting is over, the dealer again burns and then flips one more communal card to the table. This is known as turn.

# The player on the dealer’s left starts another betting round. In many poker games, the bet size doubles at this point.

# The dealer again burns a card, then flips a card on the table, face up. This move is called river. Now the players can use any of the 5 cards lying on the table, or the 2 cards that they have, to make a poker hand of 5 cards.

# The player on the dealer’s left then starts the final betting round.

# After this, there is the showdown. The players who have not folded now reveal their hands. The players use their pocket cards as well as the community cards, and try to form a poker hand with five cards.

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