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Basic rules when playing video poker

It was during the seventies that video poker began to appear in the casinos. Now video poker is so popular that it can be found in almost all the land based casinos. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the easy game rules. It is an exciting and enjoyable game which a good combination of skills, big winning amounts and low house-edge. It is a stress free game where the players do not have to face any other opponent.

There are several versions of video poker that are available in the casinos. One of the popular versions is ‘Jacks or Better’. When playing a game of video poker the players first have to place their bet; for this the players need to ‘click’ button on the screen. On doing so five cards appear on the screen. The players get the option to either play with those five cards or replace them as many times as they want. When playing video poker online if the players wish to retain some of the cards they have to click on those cards. The computer program replaces the other cards. After the second round the player is notified if he has won the game or lost it.

The basic rules of video poker are same as that on traditional poker games. The card rankings are same in all the video poker games with the straight flushes and the royal occupying the top most places. Usually in some of the variations of video poker a single pair cannot win; however, in ‘Jacks or Better’ the players can win if they get any pair of face card, including a pair of Jacks.

When playing online the winning amount automatically gets deposited to the player’s account. The games are very fast paced thus giving the players the chance to recover their lost money. Though the probabilities of winning in a game of video poker are considerable high, the winning amounts are not very high.

One of the great things about playing video poker online is that the software does everything for the player; all the player needs to do is just click on the required buttons. Also incase you win a game of online video poker, the computer gives the players a chance to double their winning amount by a ‘high-card showdown’. The players can repeat this step as many times as they want but if they lose the original winning amounts will be lost.

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