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Necessities for Video Poker

Playing video poker has gained immense popularity over the years. The advent of computer has made things pretty easy and smooth for the players. Any player even if he or she is an amateur will find video poker interesting and enjoyable.

To play video poker, first of all you need to have access to a computer. The video poker gambling games are available in casinos and in gambling parlors. In case you don’t have an easy access to the casinos, you can visit any of the websites that offer online video poker games and play the games online.

The next thing that you need in order to play video poker is to know the rules. Unlike traditional slot machines, you cannot insert coins in the video poker machines. Instead you have to insert tickets that have bar codes printed on them. Once you place your bet and click the “deal” button, the computer will deal you five cards randomly from a virtual deck of cards. A basic video poker game is played with a hand of five cards.

A pay table can be seen on the upper portion of the computer screen. This table contains information regarding all the winning combinations and the amount of money that can be won for possessing the winning combinations. If you see that your hand does not contain any winning combination, you can choose to replace one or more cards from the same deck. The replaced cards will be dealt randomly through the random card generator.

The replacement of cards can take place for only five times. After the fifth time, you have to click the “draw” button. The computer will analyze the cards that you have played. It will compare the card combination with the winning combination at the pay table. If you have a winning combination you will win accordingly. What you need here is a complete idea about the best possible winning combinations.

There are three best possible winning combinations that can fetch you bigger amounts of money. These are the Royal Flush, the Straight Flush and the Four of a kind. In the Royal Flush combination you need to have the ace, the King, the Queen, the Jack and the ten from the same suit. For the Straight Flush you need to have all the five cards from the same suit but in a successive order. To have the Four of a kind combination you need to have all the four aces. There are other combinations too but these three winning combinations are considered to be the best and guarantees the maximum return.

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