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Video Poker Tips and Strategies

Video poker has always been one of the popular games and with the opening up of online casinos the popularity is increasing at a more rapid pace. With simple rules it is a game preferred by both beginners and expert players. Like in any kind of gambling risks are always involved but there are ways in which the losses can be minimized and chances of winning increased. Here are some tips on online video poker.

Video poker is a game in which there is a need for a well thought out strategy. So before taking each step you should think about the step and calculate the risks. Here you are playing against a computer so you need not hurry. Take your time to study your hand before taking a decision. Hasty decision making can prove to be unwise. Expert players always tend to think out the next few steps before they play the card.

Practice is very important. You can take advantage of the free online games offered by some of the sites to practice. You should know the intricacies of the game. It is also advisable that instead of knowing a little of the different types of video poker, you master few of the variations and become experts in them.


Beginners should start playing with the lowest coin machine until they are comfortable with the game. After sometime when you are comfortable with the game and the different strategies used you can move up.

The layout of the machines differs. So before you start playing you should know the layout of the machine you are using. For example most of the machines have a ‘hold’ button while in some you will find a ‘discard’ button. If you are not sure or careful to notice which one is there on the machine you can end up giving up the cards you want to keep and vice versa.

The payouts for each game differ. It depends on the size of the bets. So if more coins are used, and the bet is bigger then the payout will also be more.

Fixing up a budget limit is very important. Just like in any form of gambling, in video poker to the players can get very excited and in the heat of the moment can overspend. So it is very important that you fix your spending limit. Also play with that amount of money which you can afford to lose.

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