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Why Video Poker is so popular

The advent of computer has made our life much smoother and easier. Once things get computerized, they tend to get more interactive, user friendly, efficient and error free. When the traditional slot machines were introduced in the casinos and gambling parlors, players especially the amateurs immediately got hooked to them.

But the traditional slot machines come with a problem. After inserting the coins, the players are required to draw by pulling the lever. Winning the jackpot amount often depends on the mercy of Lady Luck. As such the players do not have the opportunity to build up a strategy in order to win the jackpot amount.

But with the advent of the video poker, things have started looking up for the players. The video poker is a computerized version of the traditional slot machines. It involves a five card draw. The cards are drawn from a virtual deck. The play starts after a player inserts a coded ticket into the computerized machine. Clicking the various buttons, the players can decide if they want to discard a card or go for the draw.


What has made the video poker game so popular is the fact that the game of video poker is interactive and user friendly. The pay table located on the upper screen shows all the winning combinations and the corresponding payouts. The presence of this pay table makes it much easier for the players. The players can now check their hands and see if they have any winning combination. If they don’t have a winning combination, then they can opt to discard the cards in exchange for new ones. The new cards will be drawn on a random basis from the same deck.

The process of discarding the cards can be continued for only five times. But it allows the player an opportunity to think and rethink his or her strategies. This opportunity was previously not available in case of slot machines. The ability to plan strategies is the main reason for the popularity of video poker. Another factor that can be attributed for the popularity of the video poker is the secrecy.

The use of computerized poker has made it possible for players all over the world to play poker online. The online video poker has gained immense support from mainly the amateurs and those players who do not want to reveal their identity. In some cases, these online video poker games do not involve real money and therefore serve as training grounds for the players looking forward to sharp their skills. In the coming years, the popularity of the video poker will be sky rocketed even further.

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